King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Manchester Show

Played tonight in Manchester, at the Bridgewater Hall.

Today’s quote from another century;

Madrid review from 1996: “King Crimson is an irresistable electric blowtorch…”

Gavin had a badly upset stomach in the evening… we’re wondering if he’ll be okay to play the show.

Hmm.... armed with a bucket before we go on.. this is not good.

As we’re getting ready to go onstage, a revelation from Mel:

Think I'll switch to black and white for a bit, having seen the colors of those socks!

Grabbed a shot of the lovely backstage during our intermission break.

and plenty of the audience.
Gavin's miming stomach trouble, but...

He not only didn’t get sick during the show, but used the bottom of the bucket in his drum solo on Schizoid Man!

More soon, from tomorrow’s show in Liverpool.