King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

London Shows

We’re here in London for two concerts at the Palladium.

A lovely theater.

Robert reminded us on receiving the setlists that there will be no ‘Radical 3’ because it does not exist! A glance at my chart reminds me that I’ve called it 1 and 3 at various times, crossing out some, leaving some. It also reminds me of the time I played Radical 2 instead of the called for piece. That was interesting, but I’d rather not do it again!

Chris and Michele work on the drum sound

Backstage is a rabbits warren of corridors, rooms, and direction signs.

We've all found our way to the stage, and ready to go on
Before Fists and it's time for the show.

As always, no shots from the show. But here’s what it’s like backstage during the intermission. Pretty relaxed.

Great crowd.

Having played our encore, we’re in the wings ready for the end of show Fists… but some indecision because the applause is going on, even with the house lights up.

So we go back on and add Schitzoid to the set.

Meaning I get to take more audience pictures. (If you’re looking for yourself, clicking on the picture takes you to a larger version.)

and bows

Now we can do our end of show ritual while Bill levitates!