King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Glasgow Show

Always good to come to Glasgow, where we can be assured there’ll be an enthusiastic audience.

Today, a pair of Quotes from Another Century (notes in my 1996 tour diary):

__From a Buenos Aires restaraunt menu: “Little legs in vinaigrette sauce …. smashed potatoes.”

__Robert, asked by two fans if they could take a photo, “Yes, as long as I’m not in it.”

Back to today’s show, in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall…

A pic and tribute to my wonderful old yellow bass. It’s seen a lot of touring with me, (was painted for the 3 of a Perfect Pair tour back in the 80’s) but is just the backup bass on this tour, since my new 5 string (also yellow by coincidence) has preferable elements for this year’s show. Still, it’s quite a bass, and is right there for me if I need it.

We're in Scotland, for sure.
Jeesh, sometimes you just get no respect!
Jeremy, he's a gentleman!
Here we go.
Click on any of my pictures for a larger version.

More tomorrow, from our show in Edinburgh.