King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Four Tokyo Shows

A lot to share from our four nights at Tokyo’s Orchard Hall.

We played here a few years ago, so it’s a familiar setting, and we know the sound is good, which is really important.

Because the sights are the same each night, I’ve combined the four nights into one diary entry.

Even the setlist has a lovely look to it in this venue

Backstage and dressed for the show.. sometimes I just have to take a picture of me!

A sock spotting...

Really good show. Though we’re all a big jet lagged and tired, sometimes that looseness leads to good things happening.

The audience:

I try to get my first audience photo quickly. It’s necessary because once people see me with the camera up, that’s the ‘signal’ to take their own photos, and the look of the audiences quickly changes!

As I said, an excellent show!

Next day, Wednesday, we’re right back and soundchecking again. I’m trying to get some closups of the guys.

and ready to go on
Oh, here's tonight's setlist, on the wall as we go onstage

Okay, that’s a bit small, and I know some of you are following the sets. Here’s a better pic of it from soundcheck:

Very cool show again, and quite a different bunch of material.

Here’s the audience

And here they are with their cellphones!

Here’s an interesting aspect of the applause at end of our shows, wherever we play: it’s thunderous when we end the last piece, and when I take that first picture. But then it gets really quiet as people need their hands to take their own photos. There’s an amazing drop off of volume to almost silent… do you see anyone clapping in the above photo? We understand, of course, and will keep bowing, even though it sounds like they’re done. (And we know the clapping will pick up again after their pictures.)

Coming off...

Our tour mgr. Dave Salt grabs my camera for a shot with me…

Two great shows… this will be a memorable stand here in Tokyo.

Back at the hotel, don’t think I’ve stopped taking pictures of the views!

Woo hoo, Fuji.

Day three, our Thursday show.

Thanks again to Dave for this shot
and here's the audience. You know, clicking on any of these photos takes you to a larger image (in case you're searching for youself in the crowd.)
and, The Silence of the Cells

(I’ve highlighted a gentleman on the right of the third row, who was very kindly clapping!)

Ready for Friday, and our fourth show.

Something different; we’ve been asked to wear our stage clothes at soundcheck… band photos are being taken.

So, that’s it for this opening of our Japan tour. We’ll be back for more Tokyo shows in a few weeks, but now it’s off to the North, and a show in Sapporo, where it’s snowing.

More soon.