King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Seattle Shows

The picture above is from right after the first show - doing our ritual ‘fisting’ after coming offstage.

With our two nights here at the Moore Theater following the ‘friends and family’ show, we’re getting pretty well adjusted to the venue, have the sound right, and hopefully are zeroing in on playing our new material the best we can.

But that’s getting ahead of things… first we had another soundcheck, of course…

Backstage - dressed for some radical action!
we shall ride our wingtips to glory!

People sometimes ask, ‘will the band start right on time?’. This shot gives a good sense of the way it usually goes… our tour mgr, Dave Salt, is holding the timer, which says 19:28. It’s a 7:30pm show, and we’re all there, lined up in the order we’ll come onstage, and ready to rock. Yeah, we start on time!

and, after...
If you're in the picture and want the higher res version, just click on it.
and, if you blinked in that one, try this pic

Okay, on to night two at the Moore Theater - June 13th.

Something different at soundcheck today: they’re doing some filming, so we’ve been asked to dress for the show early, and do soundcheck in stage gear. A nice chance for me to get some pictures of it.

Still some scrambling around to do, dressed or not
Backstage - pretty gritty. But we're used to it now
Always the need for one more look at the setlist
And we're on
I'm not the only one taking pictures after the last encore
I'm trying to include you folks in the top row... wow, that's a long way away!

A wonderful time for the band in Seattle, with all the rehearsing, a warmup show, and two very cool concerts. I’d say we’re off to a steaming start.

On to the Bay area next… I’ll have more from those shows.