King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Seattle Rehearsals

After taking a break in May, we’re continuing our rehearsals for the tour - now moved to a studio in Seattle, where our first shows will be at the Moore Theater.

The mood is very good, and we’ve got some surprising music to add to the already long list of pieces we can do at our shows.

On Sunday night, after a week of rehearsing, there will be a run through show for friends & family, as we usually do when starting a tour leg.

But through the week, it’s a lot or running the songs, making changes, tweaking our sounds, recording and playbacks, and, with the more difficult material, just trying to get it right.

Okay, time to pack up the gear and riser, to move to the Moore Theater for our full dress run through.

And... here we are at the Moore, a venerable old theater
with a venerable old backstage!
A visit from the great Yes drummer Alan White
Backstage, some work to do, signing the new tour programs
and we get to look at them too!

Hmm.. in the tour book I recognize a lot of shots I took of the band. So I guess this is my picture of the guys looking at the picture I took of them looking at … Wonder if this picture will make it to the next tour book!

Anyway, dressed for the show
This has a familiar feel... about to go on

And here’s a picture of the setlist

Here we go

The show went very well - considering that it was the first, and much new material, we’re very pleased. Not sure the others can go this long, with intermission it seemed about 3 hours 15 minutes, I’m guessing.

As for the friends & family in the audience, there were lots of them!

We've added a new feature to the site. If you're in the audience and want the hi-res version of the picture, just click on it.
And, if you blinked in the other pic...
Coming offstage... ready to celebrate... but where's Mel?

Well, we’re underway now! The music is challenging, and hopefully we’ll be giving the audiences an experience they’ll find memorable.

This update was pretty lengthy - they’ll be more reasonable from here on.

Coming soon, the road diary from our first public shows, here in Seattle.

Oops.. almost left out one of the most important pictures! Aftershow we managed to round up some of the Campers who’d attended, for a quick picture. There were more, but with a very crowded lobby it wasn’t easy to get the word out.