King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Rochester Show

We’re in Rochester, NY to be part of the very popular jazz festival here. We are playing at the Eastman Theatre, Kodak Hall.

I have some personal history here - in fact a lot of it. I attended the Eastman School of Music that’s attached to the theater, and played in the Rochester Philharmonic for a time, right in this venue. Also did some very special ‘Friends & Love” jazz with orchestra concerts… here’s a picture I grabbed of Chuck Mangione conducting rehearsal of the reunion concert, 10 years ago.

(My old tour diary from that show is Here)

At soundcheck, Biff minds the lighting desk
I show Robert that, back in '66, Igor... he stood right here...
while I was at the back of the bass section, Here.

That being when Igor Stravinsky came to the school to conduct us in his Firebird Suite.


Backstage, not quite as elegant as out front
but then, I tend to make places look gritty even when they're not.
Shorter setlist tonight because of venue rules
About ready to go on

So busy chatting with the local crew folks, whom I’ve enjoyed working with through the years… I didn’t get any photos of the band before going on. So here we are at the end of show:

A really special day and night for me, coming back here, enjoying the vibrance of Rochester during it’s festival, and re-connecting with the theater.

Next on our tour schedule is Montreal, where we’ll, surprisingly, again be part of a jazz festival!

More soon