King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Minneapolis Show

Pat Mastelotto & Jeremy Stacey

Good to be here in Minneapolis. Had a free night, enjoyed dinner with friends, and now a show at the State Theater.

First, of course, soundcheck
Here's my version of the setlist...

The reason I’ve made such a big note after “Fallen Angel” is that in the last two shows I forgot to come in at the start of that piece. The first time, I thought, was just one of those brain things… but then the second time, at the Denver show, I didn’t even realize… was just standing there listening, thinking ‘Gee, this is a nice song’… finally seeing the band, again, glancing at me, wondering if I was ever going to come in with the bass part.
Hence the not so subtle note to myself: PLAY IT! Funny, with all the complexities of our many compositions, my issue seems to be remembering to pick up the bass and play.

Backstage, whee... my own room
All dressed up and ready to... photograph
Love taking pictures in a room with mirrors!
If some of the aftershow guests say 'this Green room is a toilet'... well, this time they'd be close to correct
Time to head to stage
Here we go

If you happened to study the setlist above, I should inform you that we had to cut out two of the four encores. This venue has a ‘hard curfew’, in other words you really have to stop by 10:30, the agreed time. So we were able to play only Heroes and 21st Century Schizoid Man… still quite a hefty 3 hour show.

a reminder that you can click on the audience pictures for a larger version