King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Mexico Shows 4&5

Okay the morning sky here in Mexico City reveals a tad of air pollution… but we’re having an exceptional stay this week. This page has photos from our last two shows, and they’re the last shows of this leg of the King Crimson tour. We’ll then head home, or some to other tours, and then we will re-convene in October for more touring.

In the afternoon there was an unusual power outage at the theater - stage was lit but the rest was dark. We worried how people could get in later, but an advantage: I could go to the dark front lobby and grab some shots of the people outside.

(Notice the abundance of Crimson merch laid out on the sidewalks)

This street merch is quite different than the official stuff. Here's something I got
and, Pat
I forgot at the last show to get a picture of the setlist - so doing that right away today
It's official: I have now taken more than enough photos in this dressing room!
I went to a Picasso / Rivera exhibit this morning. Maybe I've entered my Green Period

Very cool show, with an assortment of new and creative mistakes from the band!

And another great audience too

Before moving on to the last show here, I’d like to share some pictures of our hard working crew and management. Some of them lurk in dark places during soundcheck and I hadn’t caught them in even one picture from the tour, so I corralled each person for a quick photo.

Michele Russotto
Chris Porter
Jason Birnie
John Armitage
Lynd Slaybaugh
Adrian Holmes
Russ Wilson
Dave Taylor
Bill Blumfumgagne
Dave Salt
Iona Singleton
David Singleton


Now, some pictures from the fifth and final show of our stay here. From the first show, last Friday, the audiences have been exceptional - and the band is playing at it’s best. There is the feeling that this 5 show stand is an important chapter in the history of the band.

Before soundcheck, a glimpse of what the audience sees as they’re seated. And playing as they enter; some extraordinary music composed each day by Robert, played back in surround. Eerie sounds, to be sure - today there are choral voices in there… but what would you expect of King Crimson, the normal thing?

What a setlist! Good to see Fracture back. And the shows have grown to about 3 and a quarter hours long.
Dave, our tour mgr, grabbed a few pictures as we prepared to go onstage. Yes, I'm in the band too!
Click on these if you'd like a larger version.

So comes to an end this marvellous week. Tomorrow we’ll head off in different directions - some home to England, some of the crew to other work, (my invaluable bass tech, Michele, is heading to Turkmenistan for a gig there.) I’ll head home to prepare for the upcoming Three of a Perfect Pair camp.

It’s been, as I said, a memorable time here - we’ll see if it somehow influences the future of the band - I have the feeling it will.

I will resume the Crimson tour diary in October, when we hit Austin, TX, but before that I’ll have road diaries from the music camp, and from the Stick Men US/Canada tour in August.

So I can say once again, more soon!