King Crimson 2016 Tour

Prague Shows

Great to be back in this beautiful city. I arrived later than the rest of the band - they drove by bus from Berlin, while I took the whole day making a side trip to Geneva and touring CERN.

But night or day, Prague is fascinating. Through the years I’ve taken a lot of pictures around the city, but can’t resist a few more.

We’ll be playing two shows at the Forum Karlin.

It doesn’t have the layout of some of the lovely concert halls we’ve played, but I’m sure the audience is going to be excited here - it’s always been a special stop for Crimson.

"Interlude" is back in the set, so Jakko is warming up on his flute
Mssrs Fripp & Levin are ready to go
Double checking the setlist
Venue is filling in
Ah... the opening piece is in 3 flats: Eb or Cminor
As usual, I've got no pictures until the end... great audience!

Sept 15th, and we’re back for show two. Soundcheck went long, and that’s a good chance to get shots of some of the guys.

Robert, Russell and Mark
and this forrest of instruments
Backstage, Jeremy, with his signature hat
I'm trying a half windsor tonight, and the "cool" unbuttoned look!
At end of the show
And, before you know it, we're saying goodbye to Prague

A great few days here, and very nice connection with the audiences - it feels like they really enjoy the way we’re taking a new look at the classic Crimson material.

Tomorrow we’ll travel to Poland for our upcoming shows there. More soon.