King Crimson 2016 Tour

Dress Rehearsals

Sept 2nd - on our last day at the rehearsal venue (though the photo above is from Aylesbury on Sept 3rd) - we have a full show today for a few friends and family, then load out the equipment.

Dragging in some seats, as we move out some gear to make room. I trust the people coming know that they’re in for a lot of music! We’ve broken the show into two sets with an intermission, and it’ll be well over two hours.

Ready to do the show

and, some fists raised for the event!

This tour, as in last years show, I won’t be taking any photos during the shows, just at the end - as part of our effort to urge audiences to do the same - hold off on the cellphone shooting until the music is over.

Anyway, after the performance, the crowd is on their feet and going crazy! (well, sort of - Richard’s on his feet.)

and it's time for load out

Sept 3rd - we move to Aylesbury, and the beautiful Friars Club.

Tonight we’ll do another full show, for a much larger audience than last night, but still all invitees.

After soundcheck, Robert, as always, creates the new music that will be playing as people walk in.

Let me share some of the sights backstage and around the venue;

Time to go on
Fists before
Fists after
Hmm... that's what I thought I saw!

An excellent show (as was the one the night before.) Tomorrow we’ll be right back here for the first ‘real’ show of the tour, and I’ll have more road diaries coming.