King Crimson 2016 Tour

Copenhagen Shows

Back in Copenhagen, a great city to visit, and the weather is just right. (Not nearly as forboding as I’ve made the photo above.)

Starting with a few pictures around town:

The venue, Falkoner Theater, has a long history. In fact, I’m reminded as we come in for soundcheck that I played the Falkoner with Peter Gabriel on his first solo tour, back in the 70’s!

Dressed for the show, and Dave captures me with my own camera.
Two sharps!
And, our ritual before going onstage, captured this time by Dave, who's getting very good at photos with my camera!
Quite a packed show, and great reception
and, after the show...

Second show at the Falkener

Jason at soundcheck
Michele with Pat
Biff with Mel
and John

Half hour after soundcheck I went out into the theater seats to hear the composition Robert had just created. It’s quite amazing listening to it from the center - sort of a string quartet plus more, that’s in quad, but perhaps more than four locations of speakers around the hall, with various parts coming from each and moving around. A special moment.

Backstage, ready for the show
and... after the concert...

Another special visit to another special city. The shows have all been quite special, and as those can tell who follow the setlists, we’re varying them quite a bit, which helps keep the show fresh for us in the band. (I found some new mistakes to make at this last show!)

Onward to Oslo now, where we’ll have three nights of shows.

More soon