King Crimson 2016 Tour

Berlin Shows

It’s great to be back in this vibrant city.

Playing two nights at the Admiralspalast
Here's my setlist...

and we’ve got copies of the setlists all over, so we can remind ourselves, before going onstage, what’s coming.

(Well, that last pic was from the second show… but I like the image!)

Robert’s signalling to me that the ‘walk in music’ that he composed after soundcheck, and will be running as we go onstage, is somewhat in 3 sharps - A major or F# minor. Mel and I often join in for a bit before things settle down into the first piece, and it doesn’t hurt to start with that knowledge!

Here's the audience at the end of the show

Here in Berlin, other things are going on than the shows – it’s Pat Mastelotto’s birthday and we had a nice outing for that.

Markus Reuter, the third member of Stick Men (with Pat and me) lives here, so we got together, and he’s got the first copies of our upcoming album, “Prog Noir”, that will be released in October.

Here’s my copy.

I’m also doing some preparations for a special side trip I’ll be going on after the Berlin shows. I’ll share that, of course, here on the Road Diary, in a few days.

Sept 12th - back at the venue for show 2. I’ve now become interested in how everyone’s setlist has very different notes about what’s needed for the songs.

and, getting ready to play
Ah, 3 sharps again!

Great shows, great fun.

More soon!