King Crimson 2016 Tour pt2

Torino Shows

Travelling from Rome to Torino - we finally found something good about being very early for our flight:

Good to be back here in Torino, where I’ve played quite a few times.

Over at the venue…

dressing room space is a bit cramped!
Ooh, a hot riff!
Pat practices elsewhere...
Dave, our tour mgr, borrowed my camera and grabbed a shot of the bass player!
and showed me his amazing translating app
the key?
So, here we go, to play the show

Nice show.

A little hotel scene: day two here in Torino presents a grey morning, and maybe it’s been a grey week, all things considered.

From my morning playlist, I chose Debussy’s Pas Sur la Neige, put it on loop and, with nothing creative coming, I spent some time laying groundwork (in a very analog way) for future ideas. Something will come from it sooner or later.

Hmm.. that sounded a bit like Chance the Gardener… “Yes, there will be growth in the Spring”

Ah well. Back at soundcheck
The dressing room hasn't grown any...
but at least we're all good natured about it!
Robert says to expect the walk on music to sound like the key of Messiaen - in a blue mood

Another pair of special shows, and this marks the end of the Italian part of our tour.

On tomorrow to Monte Carlo, and I’ll have more from the concerts there.