King Crimson 2016 Tour pt2

Monte Carlo Shows

The Opera de Monte Carlo boasts the amazing Salle Garnier - a striking venue. There was no question about starting today’s road diary with a picture of it.

The area is, as everyone knows, pretty distinctive, with a lot of yachts here.

That’s Michele down there, waiting for our ride to the venue. I think he’d make a great ship’s captain!

Over at soundcheck, all my pics are of the venue, not our guys! I’m not sure these painted bacchanalian characters are ready to dance to Larks Tongues in Aspic!

Backstage, mixed reactions to Roberts signifying the whimsical nature of the key of tonight’s opening music. (Or showing them the new dance step we’ll be doing to The ConstruKCtion of Light!)

If there’s a theme to this incarnation of KC, I guess it’s this: a crowded elevator.
Here we go

Intermission - we have 15 minutes backstage to have some refreshments, or, as pictured, to stare at the large screen video of the empty stage

back onstage for the 2nd half of our show

Day two here… another show, of course, but I couldn’t resist more pictures of this venue

This afternoon they've opened up the curtains - even the outside view is special
The royal box
David and Jakko enjoying the splendor. (I just know they want to get into that royal box!)

Here’s a detail I think they could have done without. I don’t know the significance, but I wouldn’t want to look to the side in a dark concert and see this thing on the wall next to me. (Especially a Crimson concert!) My sympathy to those who sat near it.

Robert, as usual, the last on stage after soundcheck
A bit more mundane: backstage -setlists where we're sure to see them
Today's key... perhaps a bit nebulous
and here we go
Intermission - again fascinated by the stage sans band
We say goodbye to Monte Carlo after a pair of great shows

Next, we travel to Spain for shows in Madrid and Barcelona.

More soon