King Crimson 2016 Tour pt2

Milan Shows

More good shows, and the band is coming together better each few nights.

The venue here in Milano has the lovely name Teatro Degli Arcrimboldi. (Oops… that’s Arcimboldi)

Generally I start the page off with photos taken around the city when we arrive, but I’m not sure I can top the photos I’ve taken in Milan before… here is a link to my page from Stick Men’s 2012 show here

and my road diary from Peter Gabriel’s 2013 show here.

At soundcheck, I’m trying to get shots of everyone on the tour… some are a bit elusive.

Here’s John….

and Mark
Meanwhile, we soundcheck...
discuss the set...
and the key of the walkon music

and play our show (after which, there are pictures to be taken, by me and by the audience.)

The next day, we’re here for soundcheck (6 hours before showtime.)

Gavin has worked out a new way to hold a drumstick with both hands…
"Yes, but, I can hold a drumstick in ONE hand"
"See, if I hold it like this, I can play the drum with it"
"Here, you try it, Gav"
"Amazing. And you could hold ANOTHER stick in the other hand. I'm gonna try it in tonight's show.""

Soundcheck over, Robert stays awhile as usual, to create the soundscape that will play as the audience comes in, and sometimes when we enter we join in on the end of it.

There is a lot that is quite special to me about this band. The combination of refinement and improvising, as evidenced by the opening piece, is just one example.

Later... ready for the show

It was really special coming back to Italy with King Crimson - it had been awhile. The shows went well, and as usual with us, some thought one show was much better than the other, and others thought the opposite.

We’ll travel now to Florence for two shows there. More soon.