King Crimson 2015 Tour

Edinburgh Shows


Sept 17, The bus trip up to Scotland took much of the day, but was very pleasant. (I used most of the trip to edit my previous pictures, web pages, and tour index.)

It's no mystery that Edinburgh has great scenic views - with quaint buildings, the castle perched on it's steep hill, and sky remarkably changing every few minutes
Our venue, the Usher Hall, is pretty classic looking too.
I'm really pleased with my new red tie - found in a second hand shop here in Edinburgh... this rates a color picture!

Both shows here at the Usher Hall were great. Some thought them the best ones of the tour (and that’s a good direction to be heading in, considering that the first shows were very good!)

Also, at the end of the second show, suddenly… the most people dancing to King Crimson music that I can remember in my many concerts with the band. (I’m not saying it was pretty… just reporting!)

Here are a few more pictures of the city… I’ll admit it’s sometimes tough for me not to be taking pictures of the shows, the great audiences, and the surprises (like people dancing to Schizoid Man)… but that’s the deal I made, to feel okay about asking audiences not to take pictures during the show. So if I’m presenting more than needed of the city and backstage, hopefully it’ll be forgiven.

Tomorrow we head to Paris, for a very special 3 night stand there.