King Crimson 2015 Tour

Birmingham Shows

Sept 14, The theater here in Birmingham is lovely - in fact this part of the city, where I hadn't stayed before, is really nice.
A few pictures from our bus trip here from Manchester:
Dave, John, Biff, Michele and Jason relax in the back...
Adrian and Mark...

It’s a great bus - much nicer than the ones we usually travel in!

Inside Symphony Hall - quite a large theater.
After soundcheck, as has happened before, I grab a shot of Robert making some music.

It’s an aspect of the Crimson show that I haven’t heard discussed much; when the audience comes into the theater, they’re greeted by music, in quad, that’s not just interesting music, it’s been composed the hour before, by Robert - different each day, often quite compelling (always dark!) and I sometimes wonder if these pieces won’t someday appear in another context - they certainly deserve to.

Later, when we come onstage, the music will still be playing. I have the option to join in on my bowed upright - I was doing that regularly last year, but this tour’s ‘string quartets’ of Roberts have taken a turn in another direction - great, but I don’t usually hear a bass part to go with them. Tonight Mel did join in, on flute.

A few shots of the guys, before showtime -

And, dressed up for the show... here's a shot of myself!
It's that time again...

More soon.