Just posted an unsual version of “Elephant Talk” on my YouTube channel - check it out. Elephant Talk

The King Crimson summer tour of U.S. was quite a success, and somehow dodged all the obstacles, hurricane, tornados, Covid breakouts, and more. Was fun being back on a band bus too. Next up for the band will be Japan in Nov / Dec.

Well, it’s an understatement to say I’d fallen behind on this News update. (Last one was in 2019!) 2021 will be, we hope, a slow crawl back to normal. Liquid Tension Experiment album will be out in the Spring. We have King Crimson tour legs planned for July, late August, and November. Stick Men is confirmed for Europe in October. Levin Brothers will try to fill in the gaps with local gigs. Whether those shows can happen is an open question, but we hope so. With all the time at home this last 8 months, I finished “Images from a Life on the Road”, a comprehensive collection of my road photos through the years, and advance sales have been way beyond my expectations. Planing a small series of videos showing off my basses… otherwise, we’ll see what comes up. My best wishes to all the visitors to the page - may you have a succesful, healthy year. t.l.

King Crimson has been rehearsing awhile here in England, getting up and running for the June tour in Europe. Some additions to our setlist, of course, and, at least for me, some very tricky technical things to try to master. We’re also adding bits to some of the pieces we’ve been doing - and some of them are blazingly fast. So, aside from rehearsing, I’ll be spending the rest of the month at home practicing!