TOAPP Camp 2016

Camp 2016 Day One

Our yearly “Three of a Perfect Pair” music camp, put on by Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto and myself, has become a high point of the year for me and the others (including, I think, our wonderful ‘campers’!)

This year was no exception. It’ll take about three pages to hold all the pictures I have, mostly of the people here.

Day one, weather was pretty wet

Monday afternoon is mostly greeting each other – great to see old friends, and to make new friends.

Soon enough, there were classes on the schedule.

Helping us out, touch guitarist and teacher extrordinaire, Markus Reuter
Julie Slick, bassist in Adrian's Power Trio, is here and going to sit in, and perform with Marco Machera in the show
A visit from my lovely wife Andi, and the pups
Good to see we have some younger campers this year
Ah, watchful parents... well, we've got no argument with that!

Does it look like we’re all having a good time? Yeah, I’d say so!

What hasn’t been shown yet is the nightly ‘jams’ that our Campers had been working toward all year!

Think I’ll start a separate page for pics from those.

Here it is