Stick Men 2018 Europe Tour

Vienna and Budapest Shows

The venue we’re playing in Vienna is more of a jazz club, as are a number of our upcoming shows. It’s calld Porgy and Bess. Haven’t played it before, but it seems to be a good place for our music.

Hmm… there’s a poster for the Crimson show coming up in Vienna this Summer.

Only grabbed one shot during the show.

And now it’s off to Budapest. Not a long trip, and by 4pm we’re again in a club setting up. No doubt about this one being a jazz venue, because…

I guess it could be a bit awkward playing rock in a venue that usually has jazz, but our audience seems to know what to expect. And, from my end of things on stage, the subwoofers that many rock clubs have under the front of stage are awful to be near - so these places being old school, without big subs, are much more fun, at least for me.

Okay, all these shows have been fun for us, and tomorrow we’ll travel to Slovakia, a city called Novo Mesto, which we’ve played before.

More soon.