KLM 2019 Shows

KLM Winter Tour(2) 2019

Part 2 of the Keaggy Levin Marotta tour - after playing Woodstock, we headed to Pawling NY, for a show at Daryl’s House, a venue I’ve been to with lots of groups, and always have a good time there.

To repeat what I’d put on the previous page, we have Mike Pachelli playing guitar along with us

and after a nice show at Daryl’s, we headed to New Hampshire for two nights at a venue I hadn’t been to before, the Lofaro Arts Center, in Henniker, NH.

I finally caught a picture of Paul Grimsland, who made this tour, and the album, happen. He’s in charge of the merch, as well as handling other jobs on the tour.

The shows started with Flav Martin doing some songs

then joined on one song by Jerry.

Flav and Jerry will go to Europe in a week, to tour as a duo.

I took a couple of pics during the show…

After the second night, we’re reminded that, yes, we’re in New Hampshire in the Winter… some snow is a given.

Next, we head to Sellersville, PA. Another venue I like a lot, and it’ll be the last show of our little tour.

I can’t help but remember, this dressing room used to be adorned with setlists from all the bands that’d played here.

And, just like that, the tour is finished. Was quite special musically, and we had fun… can only hope we’ll find a way to do more shows.

Big thanks not only to Phil Keaggy, Jerry Marotta and Mike Pachelli, but to Paul Grimsland, A.J. Chippero, Robert Frazza and Flav Martin.