King Crimson 2021 US Tour

Orlando Show

The big news here in Orlando is that Michele Russotto has finally joined us from Italy, where he’s been delayed waiting for a visa. Michele has been handling my bass rig and Pat’s drum rig for the last few tours, and is an integral part of our touring group - he’s been dearly missed by all.

Especially by me - consider that until this past week, the last time I had done a King Crimson show without Michele setting up my bass rig was… 1985.

And, as you’d imagine we’re good friends, so after 18 months, it’s great to be back together.

Let me mention that it’s not that I’ve had to solve the mysteries of the complex bass signal path on my own - I have had a lot of expert help this week from Jason and others in the crew, all doing double duty.

But the world is right side up again.

It’s another hot and humid outdoor show.

As I feared, the "Tony Cadenza" thing will be around for awhile

The heat can cause problems with electronics. Here it’s the computer Jeremy uses for some of his keyboard sounds.

Ah… there’s a solution! Jason will just stand there all night, holding a fan.

And, on my end of things, the bass I’ve been using is picking up a radio station here in Orlando. (It’s Latin music, which we’re all quite enjoying, but…) So I’ve taken out the backup bass.

Backstage now
My turn to speak with the Royal Package folks
Yeah, I'm still figuring out this new camera!