King Crimson 2021 US Tour

Holmdel NJ show

We’re at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. (I still think of it as the Garden State Arts Center.)

Lots to show today - starting with the lovely concert setting.

We’ve been fortunate on this tour leg to have The Zappa Band along playing all the shows. It’s been a great fit musically, and audiences are really enjoying the chance to hear the two bands. I finally had some time at their soundcheck today to grab some photos.

The players are: Scott Thunes, Ray White, Robert Martin, Mike Keneally, Jamie Kime, and Jo Travers.

This tour has been operating as most do with two acts - Crimson soundchecks first, then our crew either clears the stage or brings the Zappa Band gear in front of our risers. They soundcheck next, so things will be right during their opening set. Then after they play, as Crimson’s gear is being line-checked to be sure everything’s right, the Zappa Band crew are backstage loading out their gear into a truck, as we’re getting ready to go onstage.

Dressing rooms downstairs were badly flooded this week - the workers here did an amazing job restoring them. This hallway had over a foot of water.

And we’re very lucky our show here wasn’t booked for a few days ago.

After playing...
My 360 degree camera gives some surprising views

Very good show, as has been the norm on this tour.

Back on the bus aftershow, headed for New Haven and a show there tomorrow.

More soon.