King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

England Rehearsals

Mid May now, and we’re heading in a couple of weeks to Leipzig to start the tour - so I’m pretty late posting pics from the rehearsals we did in England at start of May.

Better late than never - it was nice re-assembling the team.

One of my favorite aspects of Crimson is that the crew and production stay with us year after year, so assembling again is saying hi to many good friends.

The 3 drummers of the band have a new piece to present to the rest of us, and it’s a great one. I immediately liked it best of the many cool pieces they’ve done in concerts over the last few years.

And a bonus for me; big tom fills by each drummer that give me the chance to practice my blurred sticks shots!

Lots of work to do at rehearsals, but this trip we’re staying in a very nice location. A bit of a drive from the rehearsal facility is the city of Bedford, and tulips and swans are in full display this season.

This shot reminds me a little of the band members at rehearsal, discussing a new piece!

Back at work. Sometimes we record a piece to check it out on playback.
Sights around the facility...

And, after a week of work, it’s time to put away the instruments,

and pack it all up!

So, home to practice the material, and before long we’ll head to Leipzig, where we’ll start the 51 show tour to celebrate this 50th anniversary of the band.

I’ll have lots more posts from the tour (and will not fall behind, as I did with this rehearsal week. I’ve learned that if I get behind on show postings, there’s no way to catch up.)

Hope to see you all somewhere on the tour.