King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Berlin Show

Quite an unusual venue for our show here, on an island in the outskirts of Berlin, the Spandau Zitadelle was built as a fortress in the 1500s.

Must have been hard to break down, but now you can walk right in (if you have a concert ticket!)

Time to break out the drone… no other way to show the unique layout of the place.

The starlike shape of the whole island is hard to see while you’re on it, but there are corners everywhere.

The stage is the white structure.

It’s quite hot in Europe now, as everyone knows, and for the next few weeks of shows you’re going to see canopies in the soundcheck pictures… if the sun heats up our pedals and electronics too much, bad things happen!

Oh oh, some issues with Robert's rig
Also some noises coming out of mine... but something that WD40 can fix.
While the crew works on those, the drummers plan their strategies
and Mel pipes his pipes
After soundcheck, I took a look around
Dave and Jakko seem to be under a cloud today
Soon enough it's showtime, though still bright daylight at 7:30pm
And... a few hours later
During the bows, Mel finds an open mic and the purple piper plays his tune...
It was all as great as it looks.
Won't forget this unique venue, and the great audience we had tonight.