King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

The Chicago Show

Chicago’s Auditorium Theater is one we played long ago (my notes tell me it was in 1984, on the Beat tour!)

It’s as lovely as ever, and seems to have been renovated.

and as nice a view from stage
our soundcheck
the setlist
Out in the theater, some nice seats...
Some not so great!
Okay, I'll admit I edited that a bit... here's the real view from that seat, which I'm guessing nobody sat in.
Quite a lovely and unique proscenium arch

Tonight’s Royal Package had me chosen as the speaker after Robert. Nice folks. I took pictures, of course.

and, mind the head going back to the dressing rooms…

Biff contemplates the meaning of backstage...
Thanks to Dave for these pics

Don’t generally take many photos during intermission, but tonight as we came offstage I grabbed a shot of some of the crew preparing stage for the second set,

and down in the dressing rooms, we’ve got another birthday boy today… Pat.

Wow, are these colors from the planet earth?
Perhaps thinking about those cake colors...
We're about to go back onstage
and, best part of all... (click on it to enlarge.)
ah... busted taking a pic of Robert!

A great show, wonderful audience, good friends before and after the show… it was a super Chicago experience.