King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Santiago Show2

Well, it’s here on us - the last day of the 50th Anniversary Tour.

Fitting that it’s here in Santiago de Chile - the fans here have been fantastic for the band’s first concerts ever in Chile. (Most of the band members have played here with other groups, so we knew how passionate the audiences can be.)

By the way, this isn’t my last web diary update from the tour - there’ll be another - more on that later.

Back on stage for soundcheck:

There have been lots of photos of the band members through this tour, but never enough of the wonderful folks who make things run for us. As I tried to chase them each for a picture, I was reminded that I try that on every tour!

Big thanks to:

Dave (SatNav)
Some of the odd things seen backstage;
Not so weird:

Here we go: the fifty first show of a fifty show tour, the last Crimson show of the year, the last anniversary tour until… 60 years?

As I often remind, click on any pic for a larger version

A memorable show to close out a memorable tour.

BUT… I’m not quite done with the tour diaries. I like putting together my favorite shots from the whole tour leg and making kind of a gallery page for them. I’d normally be doing that on the way home, but a few of us are making an excursion to the north of Chile, to the incomparable astronomical site of ESO, at Paranal. In between looking at the mountains, the telescopes, and the stars, I’ll get that page up in a day or two.

I was at Paranal two years ago, and the views inspired me to string the photos together and write music to it - take a look if you’d like.

More soon!

P.S. (from a couple days later) The night sky at Paranal, with the telescope’s laser adjustment shooting up into the Milky Way, was stunning.