King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Santiago Show1

King Crimson’s first show ever in Chile, and it was a great one.

We’re playing two nights here at the Movistar Arena (named for the phone company, not for a film star!) and the reception was exceptional.

One of those wide rooms, where I feel I need to shoot a panorama to show it all

Lots to sort out at soundcheck
Here's what we have planned for tonight;

As always, after soundcheck Robert composes the music that will play as people enter

The backstage area is lovely

and, here’s a first… the dressing room that Jeremy and I are sharing has access to a jacuzzi!

(No, we won’t be jumping in together!)

Even nicer, some fans gave us some Chilean wine with custom label:

I got some nice pictures of the guys…

Wow, what an audience. (Click on any picture for a larger version)

Wonderful to have such an enthusiastic reception here for our first show in Chile. Right back tomw. with another concert, which will be the last of our tour.

More soon.