King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Boston Show

A wicked good show here at Boston’s Wang Theater.

Arriving the day before the show, I had a great afternoon wandering in the Public Gardens, not far from where I was born.

And, morning of the show, I visited Brookline, where I grew up - the same deli I used to frequent…

Different name, but same vibe… Jewish health food! (See, there are orange slices!)

Back in downtown Boston for soundcheck, the Boch Centre Wang Theater is quite a place…


This set should run about 2 hrs 59 minutes!

Backstage, I couldn’t resist pics of the guys walking by this mural

In the show, the finishing vocal line of Indiscipline is “I like it!”, but Jacko sometimes varies that, especially in foreign countries.

Well, today I talked him into saying ‘wicked good’ at the end, ideally with our Boston accent… ‘wickid gud’. Because I wear in-ear monitors, I couldn’t tell how the audience reacted, but I certainly enjoyed the moment.

Great sound, great show.

Well, a super couple of days for me, and another very special show for the band.

I’m sad to leave Boston, but heading for New York now, and our show at Radio City.

More soon.