King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Poznan Show2

Our second show in Poznan was another special one, and revealing to the fans more of the repertoire we’ll be tackling on the tour.

I had so many pictures of the venue at yesterday’s show, today I just focussed on some of the wonderful folks in this production.


(Irrelevent Note: I’ve heard lots of folks mis-pronounce Michele’s Italian name… I say Me Kay Lay - and maybe leave off the last y . I’m no expert, but it’s certainly not Michelle!)

(After 26 years working together, I’d guess Michele doesn’t mind much however I pronounce his name!)

Jakko & Robert
Pat & Dave

(Irrelevant note: I met Gavin back in 1992, the same time I met Michele, as we all toured Italy with Claudio Baglioni. We never imagined that we’d be touring together, in King Crimson, so many years later.)

Satnav & Chris
Jakko & Elvis

(Irrelevant note: I couldn’t resist capturing Biff in this daily chore, just so I could name the shot:

Biff Buffs the Backline Baffle).

After soundcheck; alone onstage, Robert composes his entrance music

(Irrelevant note: I received a very nice gift from Toyah and Robert - a pair of cufflinks. Remember those? It sparked a memory for me of something of a cufflink nightmare:

At about 16 years old, I performed a bass concerto with the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra at a Boston University concert. (Also on the program, the Mozart Clarinet Concerto by our first clarinetist, John Adams, a great player who later became a deservedly renowned composer.)

I’d practiced a great deal for it, and had no worries. But I had not practiced with cufflinks on. On the night, soon after the piece began, I reached a note which put my left hand at the shoulder of the bass, and, ‘whap whap whap’, the cufflinks made a gunshot sound banging against the instrument as I did my vibrato. In those days my vibrato was an uncontrolled element, and as I got nervous about it, the speed increased. I felt the audience waiting for each high E as I, knowing the piece is in Bminor and there a lot of high E’s… I got increasingly nervous and the gunshots became machine gun blasts.

It wasn’t my finest moment, though it was one of my first lessons in, ‘what could go wrong in a concert probably will’. A lesson that still resonates - yes, even with King Crimson.)

It’s been a wonderful stand here in Poznan. We’ll all hope to return one day.

Now it’s off to Krakow, where we’ll have three concerts.

More soon.