King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Oslo 3 Shows

We’ve got three shows here in Oslo.

The venue, Sentrum Scene, is one we’ve played before.

I remember it as having very good catering… probably the best food of the tour… and also the lights in the venue look oddly like cartoon eyes. Fortunately not on during the show, but I can’t resist more photos in the afternoon.

Dressing for the show, I realize I’ve left my vest in the hotel. Robert had an extra to lend me.

Dave Salt, our tour mgr, borrows my camera for some cool shots of the whole band, waiting to go onstage.

and our fist maneuvers
Jakko's happy about the show. And so I am too!

Day two, show two. Perhaps I should have divided this into a couple of diary pages… lots of pictures to share.

Some signs around the venue:
Jeremy's happy about the show. So, I am too!
Summer in Norway: midnight, after a show, and the sky is still worth a photo.
Day three, show three, and we're back sound checking
After the show... I'm a little worn out, but it's been a great three nights.