King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Three More Tokyo Shows

We’ve come back to Tokyo for three more shows in Orchard Hall, on Dec. 17, 18 and 19th.

Luckily, I again have a ‘Fuji view room’ at the hotel, so I’m grabbing pictures daily, as the vista changes from clear to misty…

and at night...
and even trying to combine night and day shots!

Okay, at the venue on day one: (we’re calling it show 5 here, but… let’s call it day one.) Soundcheck:

A visit backstage from our good friend, Terry Bozzio

and Dave Salt grabs a shot of the green room. There’s Toby, who’s re-joined us to shoot more video.

Dave’s getting good… notice how he got himself in the shot via the mirror… an old trick of mine!

a reminder: clicking on any photo will lead you to a bigger image of it

Day two now, back at soundcheck, ready for more.

Toby's got Jakko doing some camera work for him!
Oh oh, looks like it's payback time.

Again a very nice show for us.

Next day, back for soundcheck three (yes, we’ve got the sound very finetuned with all these concerts in the same venue… we call it soundcheck but it’s really a rehearsal and warmup.)

Probaby the best show of these three… maybe of the whole Japan tour.

Anyway we’ve had a great stand here in Tokyo. Sorry to see it ending.

We’ll move on now to Nagoya and the final show of the tour. More soon.