King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Sendai Show

Good to be back in Sendai.

The last few times I played here it was in the club called Enn. Memorable for it’s low dressing room doorway and quite distinctive warning about it.

And, while I’m digging up pictures from 2010, here’s a pizza menu I happened upon:

I didn’t go in!

This visit, we’ll be playing at Sendai Sun Plaza, where Crimson performed back in the 90’s.

In fact, from the high up dining room at our hotel, I spotted the famous huge white Buddha statue in the distance…

and recalled that in ‘95 we stayed at the hotel next to the statue… it’s the red building you can see in the picture. I can’t find those pictures, but as you can imagine, they’re just looking straight up at the towering statue which is best viewed from a distance.

Okay, at the venue now
Tonight's menu doesn't feature pizza with bananas, but it does include the following delicacies:
Another chance, I guess, to make a Crimson jigsaw puzzle!

That last shot looks like Salvador Dali tried to do a speed painting of our fists maneuver.

After our first set, intermission is a pretty relaxed time for the band. But for our crew it involves starting the pack, including the drums and keyboards we have in our dressing rooms.

We stay out of Jason’s way!

Bill kindly provides applause while the audience clicks

A very nice stay and excellent show. Whether it’s at the Live House Enn, or the Sun Plaza, I hope it’s not too long til I get to play here again.