King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Nagoya Show

Today, in Nagoya, we have the last show of our Japan tour, and of our 2018 touring.

With the Uncertain Times and Meltdown tours, we’ve done 59 concerts this year, also have had 22 days rehearsing, and 37 days of just travelling. It’s all been great, but safe to say, we’ll be happy to be headed home tomorrow!

Here in Nagoya, our show is at Century Hall, where Crimson played on our last visit, back in 2015.

Uh... which way is the stage?

For our entire touring group, a little ‘Secret Santa’ party before the show…

Oh wow, Chris got some dried fish!

By the way, Chris Porter, our front of house engineer, when not enjoying dried fish for his Xmas gift on the Crimson tour, produces and engineers a record or two. This season in Japan we’ve been inundated by radio versions of Last Christmas, which he engineered with Wham. (It’s everywhere … I even threw it into on of my improv sections in a show.)

Above, a shot of the band having just gone onstage. I’d left my camera in the wings, and, as has happened a few times before, someone snapped a picture. Maybe it was Secret Santa!

(If so, we now know Santa’s not a Nikon guy… the ISO was left at 10k for my shots in the dark stage wings, so it got overexposed. Maybe he’s a Secret Sony Santa?)

Well, that’s it for the show, and for the tour. We’ve loved our Japan audiences, and it’s likely we’ll be back again in a couple of years.

Not quite done with the Road Diary for the tour, though. (Have done 24 pages… not quite enough!) As soon as I can, I’ll add a page of my favorite pictures from the Japan tour.