King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

England Rehearsals

We’re back! Rehearsing this week in England, for the tour that will take us around the U.K. then to Paris for a few shows, and for extensive shows in Japan.

The tour has been named ‘Meltdown’, but we’re showing no signs of doing that! Rehearsals started off well, with everyone in good spirits, and luckily our crew is pretty much intact, so we can take up where we left off.

I’ve brought my new drone along, and though I don’t plan on being able to use it many places, there may be a few ‘hello drone’ looks like this.

Paul and Russ tolerate my experiments with flash.
Russ, who often shares a cigar with me, shows me what's on the menu!

For the first time since July, a look in my drawer in the wardrobe trunk. Hmm.. think I have enough ties?

(Discerning drinkers of odd liquor may notice that I’ll run out of Unicum before ties.)

Nothing quite gets the attention of a band like a peek at next year’s schedule:

Of course I won’t be writing about what the schedule is, until it’s published by DGM, but I’m very pleased there is lots more touring coming. Hopefully in your neighborhood.

Back before we played anything, we had our traditional ‘fisting’ to kick things off.

A tale of two Mels

Day 3, we interrupt our rehearsing for a professional photo shoot, as we haven’t done one in a few years.

This means breaking out the stage clothes.

some touch ups...

Robert has some words for Toby, who is here to shoot a video of us on Friday - more on that in a bit.

After the photographer took individual studio shots of us, we move to behind stage for group shots. And a chance for me to grab a couple.

And Biff is right there to use my camera and get some shots with me in them.

After lunch it’s back to rehearsing, but we spend some time putting together a setlist for the live video we’ll be shooting on Friday.

And, on Friday… The band setup has been moved to have us facing each other a bit. We used to rehearse this way, but it’s quite different than the stage setup so we generally want to get used to the way the show will be.

Lots of cameras
Another chance for me to have some good lighting on my subjects!
Did I mention there were a lot of cameras for this shoot?
Toby's crew outnumbers even the band. I'm sure they'll catch every mistake I make!
So... video over with...

and rehearsals over with…

We do our ‘UnFisting’, having accomplished what we set out to do. Tomorrow we’ll move to Bournemouth, where we’ll do the warm up show we’ve come to call ‘Family & Friends Show’, and then the tour starts off right there.

More soon.