King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Bournemouth Warmup Show

Leaving the hotel we’d been staying in while rehearsing, I had this final view from my window: our tour manager Dave Salt guiding the tour bus down the road to the hotel entrance.

And as we load into the bus for the trip to Bournmouth, Adrian Holmes seems to be stuck with squeezing in these last suitcases. Ooh, that’s going to be a tight fit. (You’ll notice I’m not helping him!)

At the other end of the few hours journey… here, in Bournemouth, are the trucks that will transport our gear for the tour.

I took a walk along the beach, and got some photos from the pier

It wasn’t as ominous looking as the photos!

Back over at the Pavillion Theatre, where the stage is being set up


When I found my dressing room, to tell the truth, I thought someone was playing a joke on me.

But, no, that is the dressing room, not a bathroom.. It has a bit more room than it appears to, though, so it’s okay for me - I don’t spend any time there anyway.

Later I started noticing the interesting signs around this old theater.

Think that water's hot?
Ready to go onstage

As usual, no photos during the show… even for me. So we jump to an audience picture at the end (when all are permitted to shoot… even me!)

That’s a lot of friends and family!

All for now. Tomorrow we’ll be right back here for the first public show of the tour.

I’ll have more pictures from that, and will introduce you to the crew.

More soon.