King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Bournemouth Show

Rehearsals are done. Warmup show is behind us. Time for the tour proper to begin.

I’m not sure I’ve performed in Bournemouth before this tour, but we certainly have some Crimson history here. Back in 1981, with the “Discipline” quartet, we eventually moved to Holdenhurst Hall, right in the suburbs of Bournemouth, to do our writing and rehearsing.

Soundcheck, as yesterday, at the Bournemouth Pavillion Theatre.
Mel serenades us backstage:

And even after shooting backstage signs yesterday, I’m finding quite a few more interesting ones.

And, hey, this sign warrants another look.

Let me introduce you to the great crew and production team on our tour (and on each of our tours!)

Usually it occurs to me near the end of the tour leg to try to get a photo of each of them, and it’s hard because… well, they’re busy all day! So back at rehearsals I grabbed a shot of most of them. And I’ll get the others later in the tour.

Dave Salt: Tour Manager
Renee Adams: Prod Assistant
Chris Porter: Front of House Audio Tech
Russ Wilson: Monitors / Audio Tech
Jason Birnie: Stage Manager / Drums
Biff Blumfumgagnge: Guitars
Michele Russotto: Bass & Drums
Paul Stratford: Horns & Keys
Adrian Holmes: Merchandise
Dave Taylor: Audio Tech
David Singleton: Management
Back to Bournemouth, ready to go onstage...

A very good show - we’re off with a bang.

Fists raised….

and I’ll have more to report, (and pics of the players in the band) from Cardiff and our next show.