King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Mexico City Show1

How great to be back in Cuidad de Mexico, and playing again at the Metropolitan Theatre, where we did an extended stay in 1996. The band also played here in about 2001 - though I wasn’t part of that tour - so we have a serious history here, and this time we’ll be playing 5 shows in 6 days.

I haven’t decided how to divide up my road diary pages with all those shows… likely the backstage pictures will lessen after a few days in the same dressing room(!) But quite a few photos from this first day, so here we go.

After soundcheck, there is usually a group of vip concert goers seated in front, with some discussion with David Singleton (who runs DGM as well as managing the band.) He’s joined by one or another of the band members, and today it’s me, so I grabbed a picture on the way in.

Backstage... always interesting
and, in our dressing room
We head back down to the stage
and... about 3 hours later...
This was maybe the most enthusiastic audience we've ever had, and after my 36 years in the band, that's saying something!
(for a larger version of any of these, click on the picture)
Robert wants a memento too

A very special night for all of us.

More soon.