King Crimson 2015 Tour

Cardiff Show

We've got our tour bus now, and the drive (two days ago) from Tring to Cardiff was very pleasant.
Tour bus

In Cardiff, the hotel is near the lovely waterside part of the city

At first I thought, I don't need to take any pictures because I have the ones I took last November, when I stayed right here on the Peter Gabriel tour!

But, like when you look out the plane window and just have to take a shot of the clouds (and wing), even though you know you’ll throw it out later… sometimes you just gotta do it.

And with the new in-camera 'painting' filter, it is looking pretty special.
The venue:
At soundcheck, Trevor Wilkins, one of our great crew on tour, took some shots with my camera
oops... I forgot to take that effect off! (He said 'What the...?')
hey, he got me...
and as usual, Robert creates the music for the 'walk in' of the show

That’s all the pictures I have from the Cardiff show. Great audience, great venue… and we’re getting tighter with our show.

Then, a day off - I got to visit a friend...

and tomorrow will be King Crimson’s Brighton show.

More soon.